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Treatments to Ease Gout Pain 

Gout is a form of arthritis that causes often severe inflammation of the joints and is one of the oldest conditions ever documented.

Patients report feelings of sharp severe pain accompanied with excessive swelling. Gout often affects people at the extremities, with the big toe often suffering the brunt of the swelling. Other areas that are often affected include the hands, wrists, ankles, and feet.

Treatments for gout have a strong success rate. To control the amount of uric acid produced by your body, your doctor will prescribe special medications.

The most popular of these is a drug called allopurinol. Make note of the facts that allopurinol has been linked to skin sores, inflammation of blood vessels and liver toxicity. Another popular drug treatment option is the drug colchicines. Colchincines has its own equally toxic side effects. It helps relieve the inflammation and pain associated with the condition.

NSAID class drugs may also be prescribed. These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Aspirin is not recommended for treating the symptoms of gout. Proper diet and some form of regular physical exercise are also an important part of treating gout.

Natural Treatments for Gout

Since the basic cause of Gout is usually found in the diet, that is a good place to begin to prevent any further Gout symptoms and to get rid of a current gout problem.

Try adding vitamin B5 since a deficiency of pantothenic acid allows a build up of excess uric acid. Studies on animals have shown that a deficiency of vitamin A can cause gout.

Cherries and Strawberries in a fresh raw form neutralize uric acid so make sure to make them a staple in your diet.  If you are currently suffering from Gout symptoms, eat only raw fruits and vegetables for the next couple of weeks and make sure cherries and strawberries make up a big portion of that.

Avoid Meat -- it is extremely high in uric acid.

You need to be drinking plenty of water.  Just water -- no alcohol because it increases the production of uric acid.  Remember that water is the means to flush toxins such as uric acid from your body.

It is no wonder that gout used to be associated only with the rich and gluttony.  You need to avoid all sugars and rich foods like cake and gravies and all fried foods. Treatments for gout to both prevent and cure all involve a change in diet. Certainly you may indulge in an occasional piece of cake or pie or a bottle of beer or even the french fries.  They just cannot be an every day staple.

Certainly while in the agony of a current Gout attack, you must live with a very restrictive diet in order to quickly speed the end of pain.

While you don't need to completely give up caffeine or eggs, you should limit your intake of them as well as any yeast products.

While gout symptoms usually have a sudden onset caused by excess within a short time, being overweight is most definitely a strong contributor to this condition.  Lose some weight, but do it smart.  No crash diets or severly restricted types of food diets.  These will only increase the amout of uric acid in your body.

As soon as possible start walking.  Nothing helps clear the body of toxins quite like exercise combined with distilled water.