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There are many Natural Things
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Stress Management Techniques

Do we need Stress Management? Without Stress, we die of boredom, too much stress and we die of disease. With 70- to 90-percent of the general population reporting being stressed, it is no wonder we all have health issues. So prevention and self-care are in order. There are many ways to deal with stress. The first is to recognize that some stress is necessary and normal.

Only you can decide what stress in your life is normal and nothing to "stress" about. If you are feeling frustrated or put upon or helpless, these stressors need to be addressed and eliminated if possible.  If you cannot eliminate a stressful situation, then you must learn to deal with it in a healthy way. Some things in life just cannot be changed and you will have to accept them and that means changing the way you think.

Truly, a stressful situation is only stressful if you think it is. I may love to ride horses and find it relaxing and fun. You may be fearful of horses, or hate the smell or just be indifferent.  If you are put into a situation that requires you to ride a horse, you are going to be stressed not relaxed. You have the choice to Stress or Make the Best of It.

Assertiveness Training is Stress Management

For some reason, especially if others are older than you, at the mention of Arthritis, people can try to minimize what you’re going through, thinking they are older and you shouldn’t be complaining about your “aches and pains.”

Well, tough. Age has nothing to do with Arthritis or your pain.

And others may get caught up in their own lives too much from time to time to notice, but you are important. And so is your health and your pain relief. So take charge and take care of yourself.

Learn to say “no” to activities that strain your joints. Slow down and use aids where you to need to like grips in the stairways, a walking cane or athletic shoes instead of heeled dress shoes. Your health and pain relief is very important. You must stay active but you don't have to move at anyone's pace but your own.

Coping Skills Training for Stress Management

Learn to cope better by improving three areas: your thinking, behavior and lifestyle.

Your Thinking

Start thinking more about the positives instead of negatives. For example, there are many more treatment options available today for Arthritis. And that’s a very positive ideology to focus on.

For help with more, check Boundless Living my positive thinking inspirational nonfiction  library. And be a volunteer for those less fortunate than you are to get a different perspective on life.

Your Behavior

Get organized.

Allow time to plan, shop for and prepare your meals and menus. Allow time for activities, exercises and other self-care necessities.

Use a planner or notebook and pencil to jot down daily goals and things to do so that they get done. And do allow time for venting and sharing your frustrations with a close friend.

Here is a free on line course that can very quickly get you organized.

Work in humor whenever possible to lighten the load and make life more enjoyable. And plan fun things into your life; trips, hikes, etc.

Your  Lifestyle

Shuffle some of these into your routine:

Pet Therapy - get an animal companion or volunteer at the local Humane Society to help with shelter animals.

Meditation - take a time out

Deep Breathing - stand and focus on your feet pressing the floor, grounding you

Pace - go at it for awhile back and forth

Leisure - read a good book, hum, just do nothing…

Rest – sleep or take a quick nap or just rest

Nature – Take a hike, stop and smell the roses

Hydrotherapy: Enjoy a soothing, warm or hot bath with your favorite bubbles or oil(s) added. Dim the lights, light a candle, play soft music….

Music Therapy – Enjoy soothing tunes in your favorite lounge chair, on the porch, in the bath, resting in bed.

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