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There are so many fine articles about Arthritis, the cures, the exercises, the diet recommendations.  No I didn't write them all.

I want to give you information from every source I can find --- so guest articles.  Some of these writers may be touting their own products or books and that is ok.  Maybe they have the answer you need.

Every Body is different.  What works for me may not work for you.  Your Arthritis is different from mine.  It may have the same medical diagnosis but the causes may not be the same.  Medicine must have rather general catagories.  It is up to your doctor or specialist to listen to you and learn.  You are an individual patient and deserve the attention to discover what will work and what will not.

It would be much easier for the doctors if we were all cardboard cut outs that responded exactly the same to their recommendation.

You may find that sitting in the grass is relaxing and serves to give you some relief from pain.  For me it is hives and itching and swelling of joints.  Your own particular allergies have an effect on your arthritis pain, so talk to your doctor.

So be my guest and read these articles for another point of view.