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Arthritis New Cure?


I was reading an interesting article on Arthritis.  Claims were made that Arthritis did not exist in the not so distant past.  Skeletons and mummies show no signs of Arthritis.  Of course the article was written primarily to sell a so called new cure. It blamed Arthritis on all of the pesticides and pollution and steroids and hormone additives in foods.

That new cure is actually a very old one. Is it only because we now have a recorded history that tells of gouty toes that we also have a recorded history of the use of herbs to combat that gouty toe.  The first rule to deal with gout has always been and will always be to change the diet.

Gout was once only a problem for the very rich because their diets included rich foods.  They ate too much meat, gravies, sweets, and alcohol.  As our standard of living grew to include all of these items in abundance, so did our incident of Gout and all the other forms of Arthritis.

In the poor parts of the world, they suffer from many things but not Arthritis.  This perhaps is the biggest reason to rethink diet as a cause of Arthritis in all it many 200  forms.

Yes, I do believe that all the pesticides and food additives are working to either destroy the human body or cause it to mutate into something that can survive on the added un-natural additives.

Lets face it.  We have mutated into an obese body prone to diabetes and arthritis and heart disease.  Life span is going down and those that survive are living on drugs.

I don't think this body form will become the dominate force on the planet.

Oh, the magic new cure.  Plain old organic sulphur better known as MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane).  This is found in every cell in the body.  It is essential and like everything else, the normal production within the body slows as the body ages.  The big problem here is that because of diet, a 40 year old body is usually equivalent to a 60 year old body. 

Definitely take your MSM supplement.  But go back to a raw fruit and vegetable diet as much as possible.  At least one meal a day do the raw and slow the entire body aging syndrome.