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Arthritis Information

What Your Doctor Needs to Know 

A great place to begin taking charge of your Arthritis is a pain relief and prevention plan. Making an appointment with your healthcare provider and finding out more about your condition and treatment options is the smartest action you can take. How sad to think you might be going thru life thinking you have Arthritis when the pain is from something else.

Make sure to jot down questions ahead of time, and take them along in your journal or notebook, armed with a pencil to fill in his or her replies. More than likely you will first see your family physician and then get a referral to a specialist.

Some basic questions you will want to ask for Arthritis Information 

1. Do I have a form of Arthritis? If not, what is wrong & what do I do next?

2. If so, which type is it? And what can I expect short-term and long-term?

3. What pain relief treatments are available? Which have side affects & what are they?

4. What self-care solutions do you advise?

5. Are there any limitations I should know about; i.e. special dietary issues, special activities to avoid, any OTC meds to NOT mix, etc.?

6. What resources do you have to help with my diet and exercise planning?

7. What other arthritic and other health resources do you have for my family and me?

When you take in your questions, also take in a description of your symptoms so that your doctor can help better understand your situation and health. Make sure to note:

  1. Where you have pain (same joint both limbs)?
  2. When you feel pain – with certain activities, in the morning, when  it rains, etc.
  3. How long you have had the pain. If the pain increases or decreases, comes and goes, etc.
  4. The type & intensity level of pain – stabbing, dull, cramping, stiffness…and low, mild or high pain.
  5. Note any limitations – can’t bend over too far without pain, can’t get out of car, etc.

Share any family history of Arthritis.

Tell about any OTC or prescription medications or other treatments you currently take or use. Your doctor will need to know about herbs and vitamin supplements as well as any prescriptions.

Discuss any special diet you are on and exercise programs. What a relief to find out that some new exercise is causing the pain and it is not an Arthritis condition.

Herbal & Home Remedies & Supplements For Arthritis Relief

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