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There are many Natural Things
you can do for your Arthritis

Arthritis Common Treatments

Here is a short list of some of the most common treatments for all forms of Arthritis.

Heat / Cold

Alternate with hot and cold packs to help with any pain and stiffness that tries to pop up. (When alternating, allow body temperature to return to normal before switching pack treatments.) And nice hot showers or baths in the morning go a long way in helping loosen up those morning muscles and joints.

Pain Relievers

Check with your healthcare provider for any over-the-counter and prescription pain relief medications and ointments that may be available to you. Then have supplies on hand. Search online for discounted rates, coupons and specials. Better an ounce of prevention than… running to the store while suffering painful joint problems on a cold, snowy morning for some Tylenol.


Check into the possibility of having an ultrasound via your healthcare provider or a physical therapist. An ultrasound is a recommended method of helping with pain reduction in an easy, painless manner. Sound waves are sent or generated into the area joint region in pain.

TENS Treatment

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS for short, is another pain-free alternative to pain relief. In a nutshell, light electrical pulses travel via a tiny TENS unit or device, resulting in a vibrating or tapping sensation, to nerves in the painful joint area. Ask your healthcare provider for more information.

Network –

Team up with a fellow Arthritis sufferer or two and meet for walks, chat breaks and fun. Cyber-buddies are great, too. With your favorite search engine, surf for Arthritis forums and reach out to meet new people, find new resources to share and more.

Get up and Garden

- Multiple rewards here! You enjoy this fun outdoor activity and benefit from healthy sunshine and exercise. You’ll harvest plant, fruit and /or vegetable crops to enjoy, share, sell for extra income, donate and leave for local wildlife.

Take Breaks

– Especially if your job involves a lot of sitting, get up and stretch your legs every 30 minutes or so. Shake out the stiffness.  Stretch to activate muscles. Breath deeply - in for a count of 10 and out for a count of 10.  This floods the muscles and tissues with oxygen.

Wrist Aids

– If you’re at a keyboard all day, check out the latest wrist rests for your keyboard.

Arthritis Treatment Massage

– Treat yourself to a massage to relief painful stress. Arthritic patients have found that massage therapy and gentle stretching helps to relieve pain, relax muscles, reduce swelling and aid in range of motion in joints. No funds available?(When someone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas, ask for a gift certificate for massage.) Check out a library book on how to give yourself a message. Here are some basic guidelines.

For osteoArthritis

Gently massage around the painful area with a little vegetable oil or massage oil on your fingertips, making small, gentle circles with your fingertips. Avoid massaging directly on the joint. Instead, work right above and below it with your fingertips. Repeat daily for three to five minutes each time.

For rheumatoid Arthritis

Apply oil or cream to your fingers and use a rhythmic or effleurage massage on the muscle and tissue around the afflicted joint. Repeat daily for five to 10 minutes each time.