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Arthritis can drastically change your life.  Maybe it is just jar lids you can no longer open. Or maybe it is knees that ache and fingers that are twisted.  Maybe it is joint replacement surgery or canes and walkers. Maybe it is the pain that just won't stop.

There are things you can do to help yourself. Perhaps the most important thing is to alkalize your diet and do a little exercise every day.

Arthritis is a major force in the life style of millions of people. The Center for Disease Control states that over 40 million Americans over 40 have some form of Arthritis.  They estimate that the number of Arthritis suffers will rise to 60 million by 2020.

Since diet has a major effect on the inflammation in your body, it certainly will effect your arthritis.  Obesity is also on the rise and that is contributing to the increase in arthritis.

If you are one of those people who already have Arthritis, then you already know pain and have adjusted some of the things you do to compensate for stiffening joints.  The fact is that 3 out of 5 people with Arthritis are under 65.  That presents a rather gloomy picture for the retirement years.

Doctors believe that there are over a hundred different forms of Arthritis but they all have one thing in common ---  joint inflammation and pain.

Traditional Chinese medicine described four types of arthritic conditions that work alone or in combinations; wind, cold, heat and damp:

Wind – Presents itself in the body with moving aches and pains that are worsened by the wind.

Cold – Presents itself with swollen and painful joints sensitive to fog, rain and high humidity conditions.

Heat – Presents itself in areas reddish in color and inflamed; may feel hot when touched.

Damp – Presents itself with aches during colder, decreasing temperatures and storms, i.e. extreme weather

If you suspect that you are feeling the twinges of some form of Arthritis, you will find much valuable information in these pages.  However, they are no substitute for a medical exam by your own physician.  Pain and stiffness in your joints can be caused by other conditions.

Take the precautions that are advised and take the supplements but take a trip to your doctor as well. You should talk with your doctor about any herbal supplements that you take.  They may interfere with his prescriptions.

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